Why hazelnuts are not popular in us?

Some say that because they are very difficult to capture. I hope that here in the United States hazelnuts will become more popular. Hazelnuts have a lot of good things. Hazelnuts are used in baking to make things like praline, truffles, Nutella, Frangelico liqueur.

Compared to almost all other nuts and especially peanuts, hazelnuts have fared very poorly in the United States. In 1965, Americans consumed just under 1 ounce of hazelnuts per person, a small percentage of the 5.4 pounds of peanuts consumed per capita in the form of raw nuts, candy bars, snacks, and peanut butter. By 2003, peanut consumption increased to more than 6 pounds per person, while hazelnut consumption did not subside. Peter McDonald's hazel orchard is on the wrong continent.

Germany would also have been a strategic move. There, consumers drop about two pounds of hazelnuts, ground into flour and used as flour, giving extra flavor to cakes and breads. In Italy, children spread their morning toast with Nutella, a chocolate and hazelnut spread, and in France, walnuts are often used as the core of chocolate truffles. But selling hazelnuts to Americans could be an uphill battle.

In 1965, Americans consumed just under 1 ounce of hazelnuts per person, a small percentage of the 5.4 pounds of peanuts consumed per capita in the form of raw nuts, chocolate bars, snacks, and peanut butter. Hazelnut marketers point out that Americans have a weakness for hazelnut-flavored coffee, which is popular in the United States, but not in Europe, where traditional espresso remains the rule. The irony is that the hazelnut additive in coffees is not made from real hazelnuts. Changing American Tastes Is Only Half the Battle.

Over the past decade, Oregon has lost more than 1,600 acres to eastern filbert blight, a period during which California's almond harvest grew by nearly 132,000 acres. The plague exacerbated a problem of supply and demand. Unlike other crops, hazelnuts bear fruit in a two-year cycle; a high-yielding year is usually followed by a low yield. Cereal, chocolate and bread makers who may have been interested in Oregon hazelnuts have been frightened, worried that demand will quickly exceed the available harvest.

But things are changing for the better. Competitors in an Effort to Enter the U.S. Market. This is crucial for growers here, because Turkey can gain ground when Oregon's harvest is low.

Most encouraging of all is the boom in sales of European hazelnut products in the United States. Think of Nutella, which is now available in almost every major grocery chain in the United States. It's a big change from a decade ago, when the only way Americans would see the product was when their jet set friends brought samples from Europe. Eight hundred farmer families cultivate 99% of the U.S.

UU. Growing Hazelnuts on Farms Along Oregon's Willamette Valley. Oregon hazelnut industry is undergoing significant expansion. Over the past five years, the number of hazelnut producers in the region has multiplied and Oregon's area of hazelnuts has more than doubled.

That's good news for food companies, which can anticipate an immediate supply of Oregon hazelnuts to meet product ingredient needs. In addition to the thriving supply, there is also a strong consumer preference for the U.S. Consumers who have never tried hazelnuts say they are interested in trying them as is, as an ingredient in a new product or in one they already enjoy. Consumers can eat hazelnuts “as is”, whole, roasted or unroasted, more often than in the past.

Oregon produces the vast majority of the U.S. EE. US Consumers Prefer Locally Grown Hazelnuts, Citing Interest in Supporting U.S. Most U.S.

consumers prefer to buy products with U.S.-grown hazelnuts. Know that 800 producer families cultivate them sustainably and pass on their farms from generation to generation. Do you want to try hazelnuts as an ingredient in a main course? Do you want to try hazelnuts as an ingredient in salad dressing? Do you want to try hazelnuts in a salad? Consumers expressed interest in a variety of innovative applications for hazelnuts. The items and combinations that stand out the most? Yogurt or hot cereal topping or “mix-in” With a larger supply of Oregon hazelnuts, prices are more stable for food companies.

And luckily for food business decision makers, consumers don't find hazelnut products particularly expensive compared to other nuts. Consumer perception of the price of products containing hazelnuts is on par with other commonly consumed nuts, such as pecans and almonds. Significantly more consumers describe products containing macadamia nuts, pistachios and cashews as “expensive compared to hazelnuts.”. Find contact information for hazelnut wholesalers and retailers.

Get hazelnut news, recipes and product information in your inbox every month. Hazelnuts could be ready for a bigger role in food and drink, says new survey released by Capital Press. Recently, he has been using his university's community kitchen for primary processing of hazelnut milk. Roasting, chopping or grinding the nut intensifies the flavor, so hazelnuts are ideal for mixing with other ingredients, and consumers think so too.

The survey found that people do not consider hazelnuts to be as expensive as other nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios and cashews were perceived to cost more. Manufacturers have taken note of this trend and have responded with hazelnut milk, hazelnut cream, hazelnut flavored coffee and hazelnut chocolate bars. The hazelnut oil manufactured and sold by The American Hazelnut Company has the steepest hill to climb. However, he said, the marketing board is actively working to raise awareness of hazelnuts and help drive innovation.

These efforts also expand beyond the U.S. border with a new campaign to boost Oregon hazelnut exports in Canada, China, India, Japan and South Korea, where Cline said the walnut has a lot of potential, as it is already valued as a traditional snack or holiday treat. The survey identified the main consumers of hazelnuts as women 18 to 44 years of age, with higher incomes, college education and children at home. With the new variety Jefferson driving production, Cline said the American hazelnut industry is now ready to “start moving forward and getting hazelnuts in more products, taking them to more stores, and making people more familiar with hazelnuts.

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